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Component designed to help users select a time, specific to the minute. At first glance, appears to be a simple ComboBox with a list of time strings, but it is fact much more complex.

Creating the TimePicker Component

The TimePicker extends the ComboBox class. It can be added as a child to any container that implements IVisualElementContainer.

Using the TimePicker Component

Time is selected and stored via minutes in a day. In other words, from 0 (12:00am) to 1439 (11:59pm). Times displayed in the drop down within the day are determined by the "snapInterval" property. Users can enter any custom time, and that value will be added to the drop-down. The selection can be retrieved via the "selectedMinutes" property.

A value of -1 means that no selection has been made.

Parsing User Entered Strings

On commit of a user entered string in the text input skin part, the TimePicker will attempt to parse a readable time. E.G. if the user enters 902, the parser will guess 9:02am. Another example is that 9p would be converted to 9pm. If the user entered string cannot be parsed, an error message will be delivered to the user and the selectedMinutes will be set to -1.

Time Hinting

The component will "hint" at the closest time in the drop down menu based on the user entered string, but will not select the time. This is the hinted index. The hinted index will be displayed in the center of the drop down but not selected. Keyboard navigation will start from the hinted index if no selection has been made.

Item Renderers

Custom renderers should implement the ITimePickerRenderer interface, which supports hinting at renderers.

Supports an additional state over the ComboBox renderers: "isHinted". isHinted is used to indicate visually which index is hinted at.

Accessibility and Keyboard Navigation

Supports ComboBox keyboard navigation. The only difference is that scrolling while the drop down is active begins from the hinted index.

Exclusions from the API

Do not edit the dataProvider or any of the following properties since they are managed or set internally: "dataProvider", "labelFunction", "labelToItemFunction", "labelField", "itemMatchingFunction", "restrict", "maxChars".

Themes & Skinning

Skins for the Spark, Stockholm, and London themes are provided.


See the TimePicker demo application for example code.

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