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List designed to use the PackedLayout layout class. Also supports throwing layout elements via mouse interaction.

Useful to create interactive distributive lists like tag clouds.

Creating the PackedList Component

The PackedList extends the Flex List class and can be added to any parent that implements IVisualElementContainer.

Using the PackedList Component

By default, renderers will be thrown when moused out. Disable throwing via the "enableThrowing" property.

Animations & Effects

The speed at which renderers are thrown depends on whether the "throwVelocity" property is 0, in which case the speed is determined by how fast the user mouses out of the renderers. Use the "autoThrowSpeedFudge", "autoMaxSpeed", and "autoMinSpeed" to further tweak auto velocity properties.

If "throwVelocity" is greater than 0, the throw velocity will always be the same, regardless of how fast users mouse out of renderers.

For all speeds, the "throwDecay" property controls how fast renderer velocity decays. Think of this as the drag coefficient.

By default, the throw direction is the same as the mouse out direction. To apply an offset, use the "throwAngleOffset" property. For example, if the "throwAngleOffset" was 90 and the user moused out of a renderer at 180 degrees, then the renderer would be thrown at 270 degrees.


Uses the PackedLayout. See the docs for the PackedLayout class for more information.


See the PackedList demo application for example code.

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