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The FieldSet container is similar to a HTML fieldset with the addition of being collapsible and skinnable.

Creating the FieldSet Component

The FieldSet component extends the Ardisia ExpandingContainer class and can be added to any element that implements IVisualElementContainer.

Using the FieldSet Component

Add the text to display in the legend via the "legend" property. Any child content to add to the FieldSet can be added inline in MXML like a normal IVisualElementContainer.

For example:

<fieldSet:FieldSet legend="Form">
	<s:TextInput />

would add a TextInput to the FieldSet.

Animations & Effects

Opening or expanding the FieldSet can be animated via the "duration" and "easer" properties.

Set "duration" to 0 to skip the animation entirely.


The expand/contract button can be tabbed to and clicked via the SPACEBAR key.

Default Property

Child visual content: "mxmlContentFactory"

Selected Custom Styles

default 10
The number of pixels to offset the legend from the left border.

default 4
Radius of the corners for the border.

contentPaddingTop, Right, Bottom, Left
default 10
Insets for child content.

Themes & Skinning

Skins are provided for the Spark, London, and Stockholm themes.


See the FieldSet demo application for example code.

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