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List optimized for use with the CoverflowList class.

Using the CoverflowList Component

The list is navigated using typical Spark List methods. The list is scrolled along the x axis using the "horizontalScrollPosition" property of the viewport.

To jump to elements in the list, call centerIndex() with the desired element index.

Animations & Effects

Supports animation between elements. The "easer" and "duration" properties allow for customization of the animation. Set "duration" to 0 to skip the animation.

Mouse Wheel Support

By default, the mouse wheel supports scrolling between elements. To remove wheel scroll, add a high priority mouse wheel handler and stop the event from propagating.


The selected index can be updated via keyboard interaction. Up, down, left, right, home, and end are implemented.

Themes & Skinning

One skin is provided for the Spark theme.


See the CoverflowList demo application for example code.

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