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Get Help When You Need It

Ardisia Labs offers support to licensees via forums, technical documentation, and ASDoc class documents. Paid, consulting services are also available.

Support Offered To All Licensees


Github Repo Forum

Submit issues on the Github Issue Tracker / Forum.*


Detailed documents on how to implement and use the Ardisia Component Library.


Class documentation created by the ASDocs tool for the Ardisia Component Library.

Questions posted to the Github Issue Tracker / Forum generally receive responses within 1 business day.**

Other Support

For other support needs, consulting services can be purchased. See services.

* Forum Access

Licensees receive access to the Github Repository & Github Issue Tracker / forum for 1 year after purchase. Additional access beyond the first year can be purchased at a discounted rate at the store. Access requires a valid Github account (they are free).

** Fair Usage Policy

While requests for help posted to the Github Issue Tracker / Forum are generally responded to within one business day, Ardisia Labs reserves the right to not respond to requests, especially if users abuse the system by posting numerous or frivolous requests.

Ardisia Labs may, at its sole discretion, decide that the help sought on the forums requires the purchase of consulting time to receive help because the help sought requires confidential, complex, and/or time consuming answers.

Also, per the license agreement, Ardisia Labs may suspend the forums at any time.