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Make Flex Even More Awesome

The Ardisia Component Library includes over 70 components to make it even easier to build powerful, robust, and fast applications in Flash and Flex. Add to that a full documentation suite and good looking themes, and you have all the tools you need to build slick and sleek applications.
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Includes a wide range of components from simple UI components to components with extensive functionality, as well as a variety of scheduling, data visualization, layout, and charting components to empower developers to create line-of-business and business intelligence applications.

Tons of demos and source code

Included with the library are loads of examples, demos, utility classes, and a mountain of source code.

Full Source Included

All source code for all of the components, classes, demos, and themes are included with a standard license. Each license gives a developer the right to alter, edit, and extend the code to create custom components with no requirement to contribute any changes back.

Say goodbye to 'private'.

Use of private variables and functions are minimized within all code to empower developers to easily customize components by using OOP principles rather than copying and pasting.


Components use MXML when appropriate to faciliate customization.

Developer Friendly

Components are designed to be easy to implement, since they are formatted along the Flex SDK coding conventions and are coded in a style that is similar to the style of core Flex components. If you have worked with Flex components, you should be good to go.


Classes and components are documented in plain English, including technical documentation and a full suite of ASDocs that are regularly maintained.


License holders receive all updates, both major and minor, to the software for 1 year.

Nice Style

Give your applications the spit and polish of one of the two included custom themes.

Open Demo.


The Library is available under a commercial license.

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What Now?

Take a look at the components, or the demo.