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Boulder, Colorado, USA
Birds-Eye View of Boulder, CO, USA

Ardisia Labs LLC is a software company located in Boulder, Colorado, USA, that is focused on selling components and consulting services for Flex and Flash.

For questions regarding the license, please consult the Library FAQ and the License FAQ first.


Meet the company mascot.

Meet The Mascot

Laika, Ardisia Labs CFO

Laika is the CFO ("Chief Fun Officer") who takes her job very seriously.

While lacking any formal programming training, Laika makes up for her
technical shortcomings with her upbeat attitude and relentless work ethic.

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Vital Stats

Name: Laika, named after the first dog to orbit the Earth.
Education: 6 Months Agility School, dropped out before getting a degree
Breed: Golden Retriever Mix... exact lineage not known
Birthday: April 25, 2010 in Houston, Texas, USA
Favorite Food: Catfish
Favorite Toy: Squeaky Alligator
Favorite Hangout: Home Depot (Boulder, CO, USA location has treats)
Favorite Activity: Swimming
2nd Favorite: Rolling in Dirt
Best Trick: Leg Weave, Talk
Awards: Best Trick: Doggy Dip Day
Fastest Agility Dog: Zoom Room
No Poop Fairy - Boulder Photo Contest