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Ardisia Component Library FAQ

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What version of Flex should I use with the Library?

The library is maintained so that it targets the latest version of Apache Flex.

However, if a new version of Apache Flex is released, it may take some time for the Ardisia Component Library to be made compatible with the new version.

In general, the differences between Apache Flex versions have not been breaking, and have not had a big impact on compatibility or functionality of the library. Therefore, using an older version of Apache Flex with the library will probably work fine, or require minor adjustments to the code, but this not promised.

How will I receive the Library?

The Library is accessed via a private Github repository. To access the repo, a valid Github account is required.

What updates to the library will I receive?

License holders receive all updates, both major and minor, to the software for 1 year from the date of purchase. After 1 year, license holders may continue receiving updates for a deeply discounted fee listed elsewhere on this site.

What support will I receive?

See the support page.

Are all components included with each license?

Yes, each license includes the right to use all the components in the Ardisia Component Library.

How much of the source code can I edit if I purchase a license?

All of it. You can change as much or as little of the source code as you like.

What type of software can I build with the library?

Nearly any kind of software: SAAS, internal use, retail, etc. are all allowed.

Must the license be renewed?

No, once a license is purchased, the license grant is perpetual.

Will I have to pay royalties if I use the Ardisia Component Library?


Are the demo applications included with a single license?

Yes, the full source code for all of the demos for all of the components found on this site are included.

Does the Library work in a mobile environment?

The Library is focused on the desktop/AIR environment. Although the Library may function within a mobile environment, such scenarios are not tested.

How many applications can I create with a license?

An unlimited number of applications.

How is the code formatted?

Source code is formatted along the same lines as the SDK. MXML is highly ordered.

Can I use the Library in a commercial application?

Yes, you can use the Library to create commercial applications.

Is there any way to get the source code without purchasing a license?


What prompted the creation of the Ardisia Component Library?

The library was started by a javascript developer who discovered Flex, was blown away by how powerful it is, and wanted to add value to the SDK.

What is the license?

See the license FAQ.

Does the library work with Adobe Flex version 4.6 and lower?

See the license FAQ.