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Ardisia Component Library License FAQ

Written In Plain English (as plain as these things can get)

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How does licensing work?

The Library license is a "per-seat" license, meaning that a license is required for each person who works with the Library. The license calls them "Named Developers".

Who is a Named Developer?

The person the license holder names as the person who can work with the Library.

Do I need to purchase licenses for persons who are testing my applications?

No, as long as they are within your organization. However, system integrators are required to be Named Developers.

If consultants or third-party contractors already have a license to use the Library, must I purchase a license and name them as developers?

Yes, you must buy licenses for all third-parties working on your behalf with the Library, regardless if they have a license themselves.

Can I change the Named Developer on a license?

Yes, after the current Named Developer has held the status for 3 months.

How many types of licenses are offered?

Only 1 license is offered, everyone buys the same license.

What am I not allowed to do with the Library?

You can create almost any type of product with the Library. However, the principal restriction is that your end-users cannot redistribute the Library or the Library's source code.

Can I change the Library's source code?

Yes, you can change the source code as much or as little as you like.

If I change the source code, must I contribute my changes back?

No, you are not required or expected to contribute any changes back.

Must the license be renewed?

No, once a license is purchased, the license grant is perpetual as long as the license is complied with.

Can I use the Library with Adobe Flex, version 4.6 and lower?

With regard to the compatibility of Adobe Flex with the Library: the Library does not target Adobe Flex and compatibility is not tested. Since Apache Flex is very similar to the last version of Adobe Flex (4.6), it would not be surprising if the Library works well with Adobe Flex 4.6, or only requires minor tweaks to make it function, but this is not promised or advertised.

Regarding the legal implications of using the Library with Adobe Flex, which is licensed under the Mozilla Public License 1.1 (the "MPL"): Ardisia Labs LLC's interpretation, made on its own behalf only, is that compilation of the Library, which is not governed by the MPL, with Adobe Flex MPL Covered Code files does not by itself result in Library Files becoming MPL Covered Code files.

The foregoing could be completely wrong. Regardless of what software you link the Library to, under no circumstances can the Library's source code be redistributed.

Will I have to pay royalties?


How many applications can I build per license?

An unlimited number.

Do I receive updates to the Library?

License holders receive all updates, both major and minor, to the Library for 1 year from the date of purchase. After 1 year, license holders may continue receiving updates for a deeply discounted fee listed elsewhere on this site.