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The DockingCompassContainer is an Ardisia CompassContainer factory that supports dragging and docking of regions.

To use this class successfully, it is recommended to become familiar with the Ardisia CompassContainer class.

Creating the DockingCompassContainer Component

The DockingCompassContainer extends the Ardisia CompassContainerBase class and therefore can be added to any container that implements IVisualElementContainer.

Using the DockingCompassContainer Component

The DockingCompassContainer class uses a CompassContainer factory to generate CompassContainer instances to support docking. By default, if regions show their chrome and have a "draggingRegionPart" skin part, they can be dragged and docked to either (A) the edges of the top level of the container, or (B) within a quadrant of a region. Users select what type of drop to use via the displayed drop targets.

Since the DockingCompassContainer extends the CompassContainer base class, you can set it up exactly the same as you would a CompassContainer.

Dragging Regions

If a region displays the "draggingRegionPart" skin part, it can be dragged. When a region is dragged, a proxy is created and drop targets will be displayed when hovering over dockable regions.

To prevent a region from being dragged, listen for the DRAG_STARTING event on the DockingCompassContainer and call preventDefault() on the event to cancel the drag. The event will reference the region being dragged.

Dragging Between DockingCompassContainers

Regions can be dragged from within a DockingCompassContainer to a completely different DockingCompassContainer.

To prevent users from dragging a region to a different DockingCompassContainer, listen for the DRAG_ENTER event on the targeted DockingCompassContainer and call preventDefault(). When the event is cancelled, the drag will not end but docking to the entered target DockingCompassContainer will be disabled. When cancelled, not only will the drop not be allowed, but no drop indicators will be displayed.

Docking Regions

Once a region drag has begun, docking can be made on the top level via drop indicators placed at the edges of the top level compass container or they can be made within a compass quadrant of a nested region.

For drops at the edges of the top level CompassContainer ("top level dock"), control which compass quadrants are allowed to be docked to by listening to the DRAG_ENTER event on the DockingCompassContainer and setting the "northDockAllowed", "eastDockAllowed", "southDockAllowed", "westDockAllowed" properties on the event.

For drops within a particular region ("region dock"), control which compass quadrants are allowed to be docked exactly the same way as for a top level dock described in the above paragraph, except instead of listening to the DRAG_ENTER event, listen for the DRAG_REGION_ENTER event.

To completely disable docking within a region, call preventDefault() on the DRAG_REGION_ENTER event. In this case no drop indicators over the hovered region will be displayed.

In the example code below, regions can not be docked to the top level east compass quadrant and regions cannot be docked to the west compass quadrant for all regions.

<dockingCompassContainer:DockingCompassContainer id="dcc"
	<!--- center content -->
	<s:Label text="Center"/>
	<!--- north content -->
		<s:Button label="Click Me"/>

Drop Targets and the Drag Proxy

There are two factories for drop targets defined in the DockingCompassContainer skin: (A) the "topLevelDropTargetFactoryPart" skin part that creates drop targets for top level docks, and (B) the "regionDropTargetFactoryPart" skin part that creates drop targets for regional docks.

The skin also defines the drag proxy factory, the "dragProxyFactoryPart" skin part.

Fully customizable via the skins.

Region ID

On creation, each region is provided with a unique "regionID". When regions are dragged around, docked, and nested, it can become tricky to manage what region is being interacted with. The regionID is a reliable way to track regions.

When a region is docked to a new region or location, the regionID will not change even though the container may be different.

Selected Custom Events

See the ASDocs.

Themes & Skinning

Skins are provided for the Spark, London, and Stockholm themes.

Everything is skinnable.


See the DockingCompassContainer demo application for example code.

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