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List optimized for use with the CarouselLayout class.

Using the CarouselList

The list is navigated using typical Spark List methods. The major change is that instead of scrolling through the list via vertical or horizontal scroll, the list is scrolled along the angle offset, or the "angleOffset" property.

To jump to elements in the list, call centerIndex() with the desired element index.

Animations & Effects

Supports animation between elements. The "easer" and "duration" properties allow for customization of the animation. Set "duration" to 0 to skip the animation.

Mouse Wheel Support

By default, the mouse wheel supports scrolling between elements. To remove wheel scroll, add a high priority mouse wheel handler and stop the event from propagating or subclass the component.


The selected index can be updated via keyboard interaction. Up, down, left, right, home, and end are implemented.

Themes & Skinning

One skin is provided for the Spark theme.


See the CarouselList demo application for example code.

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