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Layout class that lays out elements in a Coverflow layout pattern. Supports virtualization.


The "xSeperation" property controls how far apart the elements are placed. The width of the elements is not relevant to the horizontal gap between elements. In other words, the gap is the "xSeperation" property.

Scrolling occurs horizontally along the x axis. Therefore, vanilla scrolling implementations can handle scrolling.

Relevant Properties

Both virtualized and non-virtualized layouts both restrict the number of elements displayed to the "maxDisplayedElements" property value.

Accessibility and Keyboard Support

Methods used to interact with lists are implemented and scrolling through the layout via the arrow keys is supported.

Mouse Wheel Support

Mouse wheel support is not implemented in this layout. See the CoverflowList class for an implementation of mouse wheel support with a CoverflowLayout.


See the CoverflowLayout demo application for example code.

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