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The ColorPicker component consists of a button that when clicked pops up a color swatch for users to choose a color from.

Creating the ColorPicker

The ColorPicker extends SkinnableComponent so it can be added to any container that implements IVisualElementContainer.

Using the ColorPicker

By default, the ColorPicker, when opened, will display a web safe array of colors. Once a user selects a color, either by clicking or manually entering it in the provided text field and hitting the ENTER key, the popup will close and the selected color can be retrieved via the ColorPicker's "selectedColor" property.

Customizing the Colors

To customize the colors displayed, pass an array of the desired colors in hex or uint RGB format to the dataProvider. To add textual descriptions of the colors, pass an array of objects with both the color and textual description of the color in the object. Then, add the relevant field names to the "labelField" and the "colorField" properties of the ColorPicker.

Example of a ColorPicker with a custom dataProvider with textual descriptions of the colors:

<fx:Array id="dp">
	<fx:Object name="Red" color="0xFF0000" />
 	<fx:Object name="Green" color="0x00FF00" />
 	<fx:Object name="Dark Blue" color="0x0000FF" />
 	<fx:Object name="Yellow" color="0xFFFF00" />
 	<fx:Object name="Cyan" color="0x00FFFF" />
 	<fx:Object name="Violet" color="0xFF00FF" />
 	<fx:Object name="Orange" color="0xFF6600" />
 	<fx:Object name="Purple" color="0x8000FF" />

<colorPicker:ColorPicker dataProvider={dp} 
			 labelField="name" />

ColorPicker can open an Advanced Color Picker

An ColorSpacePicker can also be opened from within the ColorPicker popup to give users the ability to select any color under the sun. To prevent users from opening the ColorSpacePicker, either set the "showColorSpacePicker" property to false, or remove the ColorSpacePicker button skin part from the ColorPicker skin.

Manual Input

By default, in the ColorPicker popup, the hovered color's hex value is displayed in a text input skin part. Users can also manually enter a color in the input field in hex format. Also, if colors have custom textual descriptions, they will be displayed in the text input.

It may be desirable to prevent users from entering colors manually and restrict them to picking one of the provided colors. One way to accomplish this is to hide the text input altogether by either setting the "showTextField" property to false, or remove the text field skin part from the ColorPicker skin. Another way to restrict user input is to keep the "showTextField" set to true and set the ColorPicker's "editable" property to false. This way the text input skin part is read-only.


By default, the swatch popup displays a button that selects transparent as the selected color. Transparency is represented by a value of "NaN" in the "selectedColor" property. To disable the user's ability to select transparency, either set the "showTransparency" property to false, or remove the transparency button skin part from the ColorPicker skin.

Native Cursor

The only custom styles relate to the native cursor displayed when hovering over the popup. By default, all provided themes use an eyedropper cursor.

Full Screen Color Selection

Set the "enableOutsideHoverColorSelect" property to true to select the color of any pixel on the screen.


Field can be tabbed to and opened via the SPACE key when focused. Hex values can be entered via the keyboard and committed via the ENTER key when the picker is open.

ColorPicker Events

The ColorPicker component dispatches seven custom events:

Dispatched when the "selectedColor" property changes.

Dispatched when the selectedColor" property changes due to user interaction.

Dispatched when the popup part is opened and displayed.

Dispatched when the popup part is closed.

Dispatched when the popup is open and a click occurs outside the popup.

Dispatched when a focused color is committed to the selectedColor.

Dispatched when the focused color in the picker changes on mouse over.

Themes & Skinning

The ColorPicker comes with skins for the Spark, London, and Stockholm themes.


See the ColorPicker demo application for example code.

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