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The ReflectionContainer applies a reflection to any child element that implements IBitmapDrawable. Simple to use and highly performant.

Creating the ReflectionContainer

The ReflectionContainer class can be added to any class that implements IVisualElementContainer and can create a reflection for any visual element that implements IBitmapDrawable.

Using the ReflectionContainer

The ReflectionContainer container accepts a single child element, the "reflectedElement". The ReflectionContainer container can be added to layout like any other Group subclass. The "reflectedElement" is the element that will have a reflection created for it.

<ardisia:ReflectionContainer id="dp">
		<s:BitmapImage source="{data}"/>

In the example above, a reflection will be created of the BitmapImage.

Reflection Updates

By default, the reflection will update each time the reflected element dispatches a FlexEvent.UPDATE_COMPLETE event. This can be inefficient, especially when the reflected element invalidates often. A more appropriate solution may be to turn auto-updating off via the "autoUpdate" property and manually call update() when the reflection should be updated.

It may also be necessary for the reflection to update more often than the reflected element dispatches the FlexEvent.UPDATE_COMPLETE event. To update on each frame, call update() after ENTER.FRAME events are dispatched. This should be considered the nuclear option because it is very memory and processor intensive.

Also, since working with bitmapData is inherently memory intensive, this class is designed to be as efficient as possible by updating bitmapData only when necessary and the usage of lightweight SpriteVisualElement elements. The actual reflection does not participate in layout and measurement. Also, the reflection is not mouse enabled. Lay out this class accordingly.


The ReflectionContainer fully participates in layout. However, the actual reflection does not and is not mouse enabled.


See the ReflectionContainer demo application for example code.

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