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The SafariMouseWheelFix class fixes the lack of mouse wheel support for Flex content running within the Safari Web Browser.

Using the SafariMouseWheelFix

To use, simply add an instance of the class to the fx:Declarations tag or initialize in Actionscript. If the content is not being run within the Safari browser, then the logic in the class will be simply ignored.


<fx:Declarations >
	<ardisia:SafariMouseWheelFix />

In Actionscript:

<s:Application initialize="new SafariMouseWheelFix()" >

It really is that simple.


The principal limitation is that the MouseEvent will not pass accurate values for the properties that pertain to whether certain keys or the mouse buttons are down. Specifically the following properties on the MouseEvent:

  • altKey
  • buttonDown
  • commandKey
  • controlKey
  • ctrlKey
  • shiftKey

If it is important that your software know if a key or button was down while the wheel was interacted with, you cannot rely on the MouseEvent. Instead, custom keyDown/buttonDown listeners should be added.

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