BlackWhiteOutlineFilter Black and white outline filter.
 BloatFilter Bloat Filter effect.
 BrightnessFilter Brightness filter.
 BrownFilter Brown filter.
 BubblegumFilter Pinkish, warm, bright filter.
 ContrastFilter Contrast filter.
 CoolFilter Cooler, bluer filter.
 DisplacementMapFilterFixed Fixes a bug in the spark DisplacementMapFilter in which the clone() method was not implemented.
 EdgeDetectFilter Filter to highlight the edges.
 EmbossFilter Emboss filter.
 GrayscaleFilter Filter to create a grayscale effect.
 HueFilter Hue filter.
 InvertFilter Filter to invert the colors.
 PinchFilter Pinch Filter effect.
 SaturationFilter Saturation filter.
 SepiaFilter Sepia filter.
 SharpenFilter Sharpen filter.
 SoftWarmFilter Softer warm filter.
 WarmFilter Warm filter.